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Monitor hangs

The monitor hangs occasionally - more frequently than I care to admit. This is due to a poorly wrapped Windows API in the .NET framework for closing the serial port. There's no 100% reliable way to know when the port is actually closed after requesting the port be closed. The monitor attempts to close the port on exit and when clicking the Stop or Config buttons. Until I get this resolved, there are two possibilities:
  1. 1. The monitor process can be terminated via Task Manager

  2. 2. If you get an 'Access Denied' when trying to end the monitor process, then the USB cable needs to be unplugged before trying again to end the monitor process. Unplugging the cable relieves the deadlock on the port so Windows can terminate the process.
I know this isn't an elegant process. I'm still exploring options. So far the options tried actually introduced more instability and the likelihood of more frequent hangs.

Stay tuned - I appreciate your patience while I figure this out.