Version 1.4.6 Available

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Version 1.4.6 Available

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Version 1.4.6 can be downloaded here.

With this release the monitor now has an installer. Due to a limitation with Google Sites (where the site is hosted), the installer must still be zipped as Google disallows hosting of exe files.

The installer has these features:
  • Auto-detects 32 or 64-bit Windows and recommends the correct Program Files base directory

  • Detects an existing installation and recommend installation to the same directory

  • Prompts to overwrite newer files (allows you to down-grade or abort if that wasn't your intention)

  • The monitor appears in Control Panel, Programs and Features (or Add/Remove Programs)

  • The monitor can be uninstalled via Control Panel or the uninstaller in program menu

  • Senses whether .NET framework 4.0 (full) is installed. If not, it will download and install it.

The commands used for power-on and power-off were changed to work with firmware version 2.02c which deprecated the old single-character power handling commands.