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Version 1.4.8 Available

Version 1.4.8 can be downloaded here.

  • Tune and load table values now have the range of +120 to -20 to accommodate those who need to store off-scale values. If more than 20 off-scale, RF Concepts should probably address the underlying reason for such off-scale values.

  • The blower type and minimum blower speed have been added to the Static Data page.

  • The grid current bar graph now has a 12 mA full scale and shows yellow at 8 mA and red around 9.5 mA. Previously full scale was 25 mA to align with the default value of the Grid Max LED threshold.

  • After reviewing 4CX1000A data sheets from 1959 to present, I believe the maximum permissible momentary control grid current is and has been 5 mA.
    Eimac made this confusing by stating zero watts of control grid dissipation while including a note about the 5 mA of momentary current only in data sheets from 1959 through 1970 (the Eitel McCollough through Eimac Varian years) but omit it after their acquisition by CPI. The tube OEM for Alpha VTX-X118s includes the 5 mA note verbatim from the old Eimac data sheets.

    Given the tubes are in parallel I thought it appropriate to give visual warning at 9.5 mA with red LEDs.

  • I changed the fault strings slightly. Their meanings haven't changed but there's a bit more detail.
    • Type 1: 'Low Gain' was changed to 'Gain < 10 dB'
    • Type 2: 'Ip - Soft' was changed to 'Ip > 1.5 A'
    • Type 3: 'Reflected power' was changed to 'Ref Pwr > 300 W'
    • Type 4: 'Input power' was changed to 'RF In Overdrive'

  • The logic for parsing the 'c' configuration command output was changed so it is flexible as to where certain data elements are. Previously if the blower type was 'AC' the total number of elements in the 'c' response is fewer than for 'Orix' and 'Papst' and it threw off the parsing of the gain/efficiency/waste heat elements. It probably never came up because I have yet to hear from anyone that has the 'AC' blower type.

  • The 'c' configuration command output is now recorded in the telemetry log file. Previously just $APA20, $APA21 and $APA22 strings were recorded.