Version 1.4.9 Available

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Version 1.4.9 Available

Version 1.4.9 can be downloaded here.

  • Adds remote STBY/OPR switching with firmware 2.02g and later. When remote STBY/OPR switching is used, the front panel STBY/OPR switch is ignored. The monitor has a 'Switch' button next to the STBY/OPR button to return control back to the front panel switch. These buttons are not shown if the firmware is < 2.02g. There will be a firmware release by RF Concepts soon.

  • The monitor can now gracefully handle the loss of communication with the amp. If the USB cable is unplugged, the monitor will indicate in the telemetry string area that it has lost communications and will retry every two seconds. Once the cable is reconnected, the monitor will resume communication with the amp automatically.

  • The serial number reported in $APA20 strings is now truncated to 12 characters. Firmware 2.02e was adding an extraneous character occasionally to the serial number.

    • C:\Users\\AppData\Local\AE9K (On Vista, Win7 and Win8)

    • C:\Documents and Settings\\Local Settings\Application Data\AE9K\ (On XP)

  • There is a change in terminology with respect to the bias states during transmit. Historically I've referred to TX G1 as meaning transmit with EBS having the tube near cut-off and TX G2 as meaning EBS not active and thus transmit with full modulated bias. These terms derive from the firmware code but are confusing to users because the tetrodes have G1 (control) and G2 (screen) grids. So, RF Concepts suggested the following:

    • TX G1 V1 Bias (Transmit, grid 1, bias at voltage level 1 - EBS active, occurs during quiet periods in speech for example)

    • TX G1 V2 Bias (Transmit, grid 1, bias at voltage level 2 - EBS inactive, full modulated bias as during key-down or modulated speech)

  • Warning if firmware is detected to be < 2.01c (the minimum supported version)

  • Note on the Config page next to the Launch Boot Loader button that the amp will power-down when firmware is uploaded.