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Version 1.5.2 Available

Version 1.5.2 can be downloaded here.

  • Fault handling was changed due to a change with firmware 2.02e and later where faults are now reflected in telemetry for several seconds as opposed to one instantaneous event as in versions prior to 2.02e. The result of the fault code and amp state persisting in a fault condition with prior monitor versions was overlapping $APA21 strings in the fault log - making the fault log difficult to follow. The fault handling uses a circular buffer of the last five $APA21 strings so it can write those to the fault log as a means to see what led up to the fault. Now, the monitor will do that but treat all subsequent contiguous fault indications (fault code > 0 or amp state = 6) as part of the same fault.

  • Faults in the fault log file now include a header with the text description of the fault as well as the version of firmware the amp was running at the time of the fault. A footer is also added to clearly separate each fault.

  • Buttons were added to the Config page to View Telemetry Log and View Fault Log. These save the user from having to remember where the files are located and, in the case of the fault log, it's not apparent to some users how to navigate to directories like AppData or Application Data which are not visible by default.

  • The fault log file name is of the format "fault log 84xxnnnnnnnn.txt". This was done to increase the likelihood that when the View Fault Log button is clicked that there would be a viewer associated with the log file type - in this case an ordinary text file (.txt). If no other program has been associated with this extension, the file will open in Notepad. Previously the fault file extension was .log and that may have resulted in users being prompted to select the appropriate viewer and not know what to choose.

  • The firmware comparison logic was updated to allow firmware versions without a character suffix. This was done in anticipation of version 2.03 or whatever is the roll-up for all of the recent unpublished minor versions of 2.02.

  • String extraction bounds checking was tightened up to avoid errors such as "Index and length must refer to a location within the string. Parameter name: length"

  • Grid 1 dissipation was showing a negative value.

  • The Switch button is now disabled after the STBY/OPR function has been returned to the amp front panel. This button is not obvious in function so it may not be apparent why it should be disabled (greyed-out). When the STBY/OPR mode is chosen from the monitor, that action inhibits the front-panel STBY/OPR switch. The Switch button returns control to the front panel. Power-cycling would also cause control to return to the front panel. So, once the Switch button has been clicked and control returned to the front panel, it's meaningless to have the Switch button available for an unnecessary action. Prior to 1.5.2 the Switch button was always enabled as it was the only means to halt the race condition with the STBY/OPR switching present in firmware version 2.02g.

  • An extraneous comma was eliminated from the power and STBY/OPR telemetry commands. The only outward effect is that the action of these buttons is now a fraction of a second faster. Under the hood there was an error reported via telemetry since version 1.4.9 that had no effect on operation.