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Version 1.6.0 Available

Version 1.6.0 can be downloaded here.

  • This is the first public release that supports the EEPROM configuration dump and parse capability. That functionality is dependent on version 2.03k or later firmware (2.03k is the latest when this was published). RF Concepts should be publishing this version on their download page soon. They were waiting on the EEPROM capability within the monitor while getting more field time with 2.03k to make sure they were comfortable going live with it.

  • A new tab was added to the Config window to facilitate troubleshooting. When users contact me for support, navigating to the profile directory where the XML configuration file and fault log file are stored presents issues such as Windows Explorer not being configured to display hidden directories (which part of the user's profile directory is hidden). So, the "Paths" tab now shows all of the relevant file locations and provides hyperlinks that when clicked will open that path in Windows Explorer.

  • The EEPROM utility validates the presence of the specified COM port before attempting to open the port.

  • The EEPROM utility button in monitor is disabled if no COM port is specified or firmware is not at least 2.03k.

  • The EEPROM utility allows the user to abort the configuration download. The download is also aborted if power-on is detected, either at launch or during the download.

  • The EEPROM utility can be run by itself from the command line by passing only the COM port and directory where the EEPROM config file should be stored.

  • Raw EEPROM configuration data (hex) can be parsed into engineering units.

  • The EEPROM configuration file naming scheme is "MSN ESN YYYY-MM-DD HHMM.hex" An example from my 8410:

    841010080080 10DABCFB010800A6 2013-12-19 1900.hex

    This breaks down as: MSN: 841010080080, ESN: 10DABCFB010800A6, Date: 2013-12-19, Time (local): 1900

  • Serial port enumeration for the port selection drop-down incorporates more robust name checking. This was done because a user had COM ports on multiple PCs that didn't have the typical COM1 to COM256 naming convention. This prevented the monitor from even displaying after launch.

  • Thank you for your patience. I know this public release was a long time coming.