Version 1.6.7 Available

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Version 1.6.7 Available

Version 1.6.7 can be downloaded here.

  • Resolved an issue introduced in version 1.6.6 whereby the monitor left the amp in a state that prevented the Colt boot loader from being able to upload firmware to the amp.

  • The Config and Stop buttons are inhibited until the initialization of the amplifier telemetry is completed.

  • Resolved an issue where the monitor would auto-restart when the Config page was closed regardless of whether auto-start was enabled on the Config page.
The monitor does have an issue with Windows 8.1 when launching the Colt boot loader. The user gets an error indicating elevation (of permissions within the User Access Control framework) is necessary. Attempts to elevate the boot loader on launch haven't work. Stay tuned ... still researching a fix for this.