Version 1.7.8 Available

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Version 1.7.8 Available

Version 1.7.8 can be downloaded here: Alpha Monitor 1.7.8.exe

  • Fixed the behavior of the Config page after running the Colt loader or the EEPROM utility from the Config page. Previously, on exit of either of these programs, the Config page would be hidden behind other applications. Now it remains on top.

  • The monitor now ignores duplicate telemetry strings. This reduces CPU overhead by about 4%. Duplicate telemetry strings are quite frequent when the amp is on but idle.

  • Corrected an issue with the idle plateV telemetry tweak defined on the Advanced tab of the Config page carrying forward to the plate dissipation calculation causing it to be negative in some circumstances.

  • Fixed the visual alignment of various values for G2 max input power, gridV, state, blower and firmware version.

  • Fixed the EBS threshold displayed in the EEPROM utility parsed data. It wasn't scaled correctly (x10).

  • Streaming mode is disabled when the Stop button is clicked or the monitor is terminated by clicking the X icon in the upper right corner. This resolves the issue for those that use a terminal emulator to communicate with the amplifier but can't due to the flood of unsolicited telemetry data received. Note that this capability requires an as yet unreleased version of firmware, 2.03m.

  • Added dual digital signatures to the installer and monitor executable and DLL files. Digital signatures provide assurance the program originated from me and that nothing has corrupted the file since I digitally signed it after compilation. The files have been signed for some time now but the SHA-1 digital signature algorithm used is now deprecated for currently supported versions of Windows. The files are signed twice, once with a SHA-1 hash for XP and Vista and again with a SHA-256 hash for Win7 through Win10. If the file has been corrupted since it was signed, Windows will prevent the installer from running.

  • Fixed several esoteric issues with the installer. Newer versions of the Inno Setup compiler used to create the installer had changed the behavior of the installation wizard. The installer behavior now matches the documented installation steps again.